NOVEMBER 28/29, 2018 | Milan


SingularityU Italy Summit

Motivate and empower leaders to deliver 10x results

Exponential Leadership

Motivate and empower leaders to deliver 10x results.

The Exponential Leadership is a 2-day intense result-driven workshop that can give your leaders the framework and tools to deliver 10x results in today’s accelerating world.


The Exponential Leadership workshop is a 2-day intense result-driven workshop that can give your leaders the framework and tools to deliver 10x results in today’s accelerating world.

Exponential leaders are change agents, boundary pushers. They’re responsible for championing a new vision for the future and establishing an organizational climate and culture that fosters learning, adaptability, and speed.

Guided by a team of selected faculty from Singularity University, participants will leave the 2-day learning experience with a clear vision of where new technologies are headed, their possible impact on the ways to do business, and how to shift from an incremental to an exponential mindset.

Program Objectives

  • Build a foundational understanding of exponential technologies and trends
  • Embrace the skillset and mindset of an Exponential Leader, as well as increase adaptability, high-growth innovation and competitiveness
  • Identify a 10x value as a leader and team member in the digital world by gaining an orientational model to learn when to shift between an incremental and exponential leader mindset
  • Identify a MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) and demonstrate the benefits of Exponential Leadership competencies and frameworks with a 10x project
  • Overview

    The key learning exercises are structured to provoke in participants a shift from an incremental to an exponential mindset, and to provide them with a set of tools, skills and behaviors as a support of the Exponential Leader.

    Participants will learn how to embrace the skills and mindsets of four distinct roles: Futurist, Technologist, Innovator and Impact-Driver. Each role offers critical perspective for understanding, organizing and delivering 10x results. Exponential leaders also inspire their team members to have a similar impact, as leadership must also be a property of the system. Moreover, they will understand the importance of value, relationship and leadership multipliers to drive 10x impact.

    About Us

    SingularityU Italy represents the Italian Country Partner of Singularity University, a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build an abundant future for all.

    SingularityU Italy aims at gathering thinkers, scientists, academics and entrepreneurs who are keen on exponential technologies and their applications, in order to educate the Italian business community and to accelerate a local innovation culture. Officially born in the Spring of 2018, SingularityU Italy is currently working on the creation of the Italian Faculty.

    SingularityU Italy is a certified Benefit Corporation. B Corps are organizations that integrate in the company’s objectives, in addition to profit, the purpose of having a positive impact on society and environment.

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